Lori Brungard was certified in Thai Yoga Therapy in 1997, by the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego. Since 1999, she has practiced the method of master healer Piched Boonthumme from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and continues her studies with Lotus Palm. Lori is an experienced yoga teacher, having practiced for over 20 years. She is authorized to teach Ashtanga Yoga and certified by Jivamukti. Her work is informed by many trips to India and Thailand, as well as her ten-year career as a professional modern dancer.


Lori is an incredible practitioner of Thai Yoga Therapy. She is knowledgeable, precise, and intuitive. Her work is confident and accurate. A session leaves you stretched, relaxed and energized. I cant recommend her enough. This is a great gift for yoga practitioners, athletes, anyone who has a physically straining work, sedentary work, or anyone living in NY:-). You're in for a treat!              
                                                               - RAQUEL REIS, PHOTOGRAPHER

Lori is the best! Her deep knowledge of Yoga and dance makes getting a Thai massage from her especially great.  Since I'm a dancer, too, it's important to me to have someone who understands the special issues of a dancer's body. Highly recommended!
                                    -  MARYA MICHAELS, DANCER, CHOREOGRAPHER

What do you do when your hand is broken in 8 places and 70 stitiches?  You don't do yoga but you can do Thai massage. The Thai massage therapy that I received from Lori help my hand heal faster and kept the rest of my body aligned even though my arm was taped against me for six months.  Working one-on-one, I was able to have my wrist and part of my hand manipulated and as it became stronger, Lori and I were able to move to other parts of my body so that all my muscles did not atrophy. Her bodywork preserved my flexibility, restored my hand and created a calm to deal the tragedy.  Thank you Lori!
                                                                                               - NORA G.